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Friday, October 28, 2011

Really Greyhound? Really?? Part 2

Alrighty. So, if you read my blog, you know what an awful time my son had on Greyhound Bus Lines last week when he had to travel from Texas to Ottawa, Canada. When he finally got there on Friday he said he would rather walk and take his chances than to take the bus again. He asked me to file a complaint for him so he gave me his ticket info and I filled out a form Greyhound sent me on Twitter  a couple of days ago. This is the response I got:

We appreciate you taking the time to notify us regarding the inconvenience you experienced while using our services. We are never satisfied when a customer expresses a complaint or displeasure in our service.

At Greyhound Lines, Inc., we strive to achieve a high standard of customer satisfaction, and we rely on our customers to make us aware of those areas that need our attention. Be advised that your case was documented and forwarded to the appropriate department to take the proper actions.

As a gesture of our commitment to you, we would like to issue a travel voucher in the amount of $50.00. This voucher is good for one year from the issue date and can be applied toward your next purchase of a Greyhound ticket or Package Express shipment. If this voucher will suffice, please reply to this e-mail with the address where you would like the voucher be sent to.

We hope you will not let this deter you from using our services and trust you will give us another opportunity to prove we can be the most reliable and economical form of transportation to meet your needs.


(name of person taken out)
Customer Care Analyst
Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Really? Really?? You honestly think after that hellacious experience he had we're going to be happy with a $50 voucher for our next trip? I just don't know what to say. I'm kind of dumbfounded to be honest with you. I would have felt better with a $50 rebate perhaps, but a voucher?? Really? Way to go Greyhound, you at least made me laugh early this morning!
If you will notice, it says "if this voucher will suffice" to reply to the email. I won't be replying to the email with my address for them to send me a voucher. I find this laughable. My son had to sit through a rude driver, the bus being ditched and ordered off the bus, missing connections and sitting, alone for 9 hours until 4am in a bus station (I wouldn't consider that to be very safe, I don't know about you) and they really think a voucher for another trip will suffice? No Greyhound. No.

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