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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time to make a Boo Bag Surprise #DontBeTheDarkHouse

When I applied to be a part of the group one of the questions was 'who do you want to boo'? Well, that makes sense, right? After all, that is a big part of this. I didn't have to think very hard. This person was my leader in a campaign and really helped me feel comfortable with the Social Fabric group and the campaign that we were taking part in. It's funny to say, but even in an email you could hear her smile at you as she was writing it. Even after the campaign concluded she was still there to help me by explaining things and helping me out if I ever needed anything. She still 'Twitter helps' me to this day.

I do know she has a 'bunch' of kids, some hers by birth, some by marriage, so it's a good thing that she's so organized, she has to be. She's also an animal lover, which I am too.

Today I went to the store myself (well, with hubby but we went our separate ways in the store) and took my time walking around and really seeing what I could find. I always take a list with me so I knew what I was after (Snickers (specifically Snickers Fall Harvest), Milky Way, etc). I did pick up some groceries but was mainly after chocolate and fun orange Halloween stuff. I couldn't find the exact Snickers I was after but I still bought some along with some Milky Way, 3 Musketeers and some new Peanut Butter Snickers.

I had a lot of fun putting the bags together with the chocolate and little extras I put in the bags, including stars and tissue paper. I made 5 little bags, just because I thought they were so cute, rather than making 1 bag. I know she has some younger children in her home and I also put something a little extra in one bag. 1 bag is for her furry family. I do know she has a sick dog right now and that can be heart wrenching on anyone. So I put some dog treats in one bag instead of candy.

I had so much with the shop, likely the most fun I've had yet, and I can't wait to get it sent off and for her to get it. It's going out tomorrow (Monday the 17th) so I'll be watching. I hope she likes the surprise. Everyone loves getting surprised, right?

Take a look below at my This Moment story to see my whole shop or click on this link if the embedded post is not working right.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All the photos and opinions are my own. @CollectiveBias