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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Really Greyhound? Really??

Ok, so as you may know, my son left yesterday for Canada (as seen in this post). He took the Greyhound bus from Terrell, TX that was supposed to leave at 1:15pm. Well, first of all, the bus didn't even get there until 2:20. Then the bus driver didn't know how to get to the next stop, which was about an hour away. Finally, when he was close to Longview, which is where my son had to transfer to go to Shreveport, the bus driver tried to turn around and actually ditched the bus. He made everyone get off the bus so he could get out of the ditch. After about an hour, and too late for my son to get his connection, he had to stay on that bus, with that bus driver, until getting to Shreveport. The connection there was 6:30pm. They got to the bus station at 7pm. So, because it was 30 minutes too late, my son had to wait, in a bus station, until 4:10am!! 9 hours!! He had to sit there, alone, first trip away from home, in a bus station for 9 hours (and couldn't even find a place to charge his phone or anything so now he's losing his only source of communication too!). He is now about 6 hours away from home, which took him 18 hours to get there.
I am so frustrated with the Greyhound bus line. How could they allow such incompetency in their driver? How could a driver not know his own route?? Not only that, but this guy was a real jerk too. Before my son even got on the bus, the driver was yelling at him and another passenger about to get on the bus ...'don't lay across the aisles. don't be loud. don't disrupt my passengers. (funny, I thought my son was one of his passengers??) no fighting. I'll get you where you need to be (yeah right!!) but you have to abide by my rules. Makes me wonder if he had any rules to follow...nah, didn't think so.
Just for the record, I know they can't run on time all the time but delays like this should not be tolerated!

I am so ticked off right now. Yes, my son is 20 but that's no reason for me not to worry. He's a young man who should be able to travel without all this nonsense. I came to Texas on a Greyhound bus 8 1/2 years ago and swore I would never use them as a mode of transportation again because it was such a horrible experience for me. My son had high hopes that this trip would go smoothly. Shame on Greyhound bus for making this such a hellacious experience for him.
I will never, ever go on Greyhound bus again, nor will I allow my family to do so. Not only that but I will un-recommend them as a mode of transportation.

Right now his arrival time is 5 hours passed the original time (my brother had to take time off of work for the earlier time so now he has to reschedule things too) but I wonder when he will truly arrive. Friday at 2:35pm is the time he was first scheduled to arrive. Friday at 7:35pm is the new time. What time do think he will arrive? Just how inept is Greyhound Bus line?


  1. Seriously ridiculous! Fingers crossed and sparkles sent. Hopefully there will be no more ridiculous mishaps and he'll make his destination at the newly (ridiculously) scheduled time!

  2. My daughter wants to ride the bus to WI, but now I think I'm going to have her go a different way. That is the worst thing ever. She's 20 and I swear, if that were to happen to her, they wouldn't hear the end of it! Let us know when he gets there!


  3. Oh Mimi, don't let her ride the bus. Anything but Greyhound!! The train, fly, drive, whatever. Just not Greyhound!!!