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Friday, October 28, 2011

Really Greyhound? Really?? Part 2

Alrighty. So, if you read my blog, you know what an awful time my son had on Greyhound Bus Lines last week when he had to travel from Texas to Ottawa, Canada. When he finally got there on Friday he said he would rather walk and take his chances than to take the bus again. He asked me to file a complaint for him so he gave me his ticket info and I filled out a form Greyhound sent me on Twitter  a couple of days ago. This is the response I got:

We appreciate you taking the time to notify us regarding the inconvenience you experienced while using our services. We are never satisfied when a customer expresses a complaint or displeasure in our service.

At Greyhound Lines, Inc., we strive to achieve a high standard of customer satisfaction, and we rely on our customers to make us aware of those areas that need our attention. Be advised that your case was documented and forwarded to the appropriate department to take the proper actions.

As a gesture of our commitment to you, we would like to issue a travel voucher in the amount of $50.00. This voucher is good for one year from the issue date and can be applied toward your next purchase of a Greyhound ticket or Package Express shipment. If this voucher will suffice, please reply to this e-mail with the address where you would like the voucher be sent to.

We hope you will not let this deter you from using our services and trust you will give us another opportunity to prove we can be the most reliable and economical form of transportation to meet your needs.


(name of person taken out)
Customer Care Analyst
Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Really? Really?? You honestly think after that hellacious experience he had we're going to be happy with a $50 voucher for our next trip? I just don't know what to say. I'm kind of dumbfounded to be honest with you. I would have felt better with a $50 rebate perhaps, but a voucher?? Really? Way to go Greyhound, you at least made me laugh early this morning!
If you will notice, it says "if this voucher will suffice" to reply to the email. I won't be replying to the email with my address for them to send me a voucher. I find this laughable. My son had to sit through a rude driver, the bus being ditched and ordered off the bus, missing connections and sitting, alone for 9 hours until 4am in a bus station (I wouldn't consider that to be very safe, I don't know about you) and they really think a voucher for another trip will suffice? No Greyhound. No.

It all comes down to game 7 of the #WorldSeries for MY Texas Rangers

I woke up with an upset stomach this morning and feel like I have a hangover. Game 6 of the World Series was a roller coaster from hell. Yay, we're leading, dang it's tied, woo hoo one more strike to win the WS, dang it's tied again, oh no I can't believe they lost. I don't know if I can take another night like this but, who am I kidding, I will watch and I will cheer for MY Rangers.
C'mon Rangers, you can do it!

Designer Whey coupon

My son is into protein shake products so when a coupon comes along, it's always great to see. Click here to get your $1 coupon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just For Men coupons

Is your man bugged by his grey hair? Well, my hubby is bald and bold so he doesn't but if your guy is, there are a couple of new coupons for Just For Men hair color for men. Go here to get yours.

Cool Whip $.75 coupon

There is a new coupon on Facebook for $.75 off 1 Cool Whip Season's Delight. It's a new 'flavor' and the coupon is valid for a month, so perfect timing for Thanksgiving. You have to 'like' Cool Whip on FB first in order to print the coupon and you can print in twice! Go now, who knows how long it will last!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MY Texas Rangers are 1 win away from winning the #WorldSeries

Ahh, here he is, my new love. I told my husband this morning that I love Mike Napoli and he said, "is he is on your 'to do' list"? (don't judge me! You know you've got a 'to do' list!) I told him 'no, I just love Mike Napoli'. He was traded to the Texas Rangers this year as a new catcher. I just learned today (no, I don't pay THAT close attention at the beginning of the season to who's traded) that no one wanted him after last year. The Angels traded him to Toronto, who traded him to Texas. I'm so happy they did.
Without Mike Napoli this post season would be a lot less entertaining, that's for sure. And a lot less fruitful. As of right now, Tuesday night at 11:03pm, Texas is 1 win away from winning the World Series. 1 win! There is still 2 games left for them to do it in, against the Cardinals, in the Cardinals home stadium.
I'm hoping there is only 1 more game.
I'll be sitting in front of my
tv watching and cheering and likely biting
my lower lip until the last strike    is thrown.
So....GO RANGERS!! I have faith in you. Bring it home!!

The best Shortbread Cookies ever!

I decided to post this recipe here just in case I ever misplace it again. Go ahead and try it, you'll just love it. Trust me. BUT, please do not submit this recipe anywhere as your own. If you want to share it, instead of putting the recipe on your blog, please link it back here.
It was given to me by my old neighbor. He was (10 years ago) a widower and in his late 60's. He took a liking to me and my kids because he didn't like what he saw of my ex husband (note the EX husband). He'd invite us over for tea and cookies. He always had these cookies in the fridge and one day I asked him where he got the recipe. He told me it was his own and the secret was the 'fruit sugar' instead of anything else. He gave it to me because he didn't have any children to give it to. I felt honored.
I ended up splitting from my ex and shortly thereafter moved to Texas. I don't know if Peter is still 'with us' but I think of him many times a year, every time I make these cookies. Thank you Peter.......

Peter's Shortbread Cookies

1lb butter (has to be butter)
1 cup fruit sugar (+some for rolling after baked)(has to be fruit substitutes....can be found in baking stores)
1/2 tsp or less salt
1/2 cup Corn starch
3 1/2 cup flour (+1 cup flour)

Make butter very soft. It is easier to mix this way. A little tip is to cut butter in small pieces and place in a bowl that is sitting in hot water in the sink. This will melt it so watch that it does not separate. Mix so it does not separate.

Mix butter, salt and fruit sugar. Blend thoroughly. Add cornstarch. Add flour gradually. you may have to knead by hand.
Take one additional cup of flour and add small portions as you mix until dough begins to crack. you may not use all of this last cup.
Roll out 3/8" to 1/2" thick, in squares or cookie cutter.
Cook at 325F for approximately 20 minutes. Watch closely as they are easy to over cook
Take out when they have a golden tint.
Roll in fruit sugar when cool enough to handle. Store in fridge or freezer for best taste.

 It took me about 2 hours from getting the ingredients out to cleaning up when they were allllll done.
Here is the finished product....made about 80 cookies or 6 1/2 dozen.
This is what they look like when I roll them out (I couldn't find my rolling pin so I used my hands and a and cut them into 'squares'.
My cat even wanted in on the action. He jumped on the cookie sheet.....I was not amused to say the least. But when I saw the pawprint I just had to leave it!! lol
So, I'm letting them cool down and then going to put them in the freezer. They are definitely the best when they are cold. They melt in your mouth, literally!!

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Side note: I've been using my gift cards for Amazon lately and have already bought a bunch of stuff for my kids for Christmas, and nothing out of my pocket. WooHoo!!! Thanks ExpoTV.

Hobby Lobby Mobile coupons

I love Hobby Lobby. Just the other day I was there to get some yarn and looked around like a kid in a candy store for at least an hour. All the Christmas decor is amazing. It actually put me in the mood for Christmas. I got an email offering a 40% off coupon and clicked on it to see this. Now we can get mobile coupons from Hobby Lobby. That's fantastic!! Click here for more info.

Glade $14 in coupons

I love Glade candles. You know there just has to be a bunch of sales going on soon with all the wonderful Winter smells. As a matter of fact, I just saw a sale at Target, so make sure you keep your eyes open. Click here for all of these great coupons!

He made it

Well, after 3 days and many delays, my son made it to Ottawa, where my mother and brother picked him up. He was tired and frustrated (thanks to Greyhound Bus) but made it to his destination. But told me he will never take the bus again, ever. He said he'd rather walk and take his chances that way.
He started his job yesterday, which he liked, so that's good. How long will he be there? I'm not sure. Could be a few months, could be forever, it's hard to say right now. Part of me wants him to come back but that's solely for selfish reasons. I want him to be happy and successful so wherever that turns out to be, I'll be happy for him.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Really Greyhound? Really??

Ok, so as you may know, my son left yesterday for Canada (as seen in this post). He took the Greyhound bus from Terrell, TX that was supposed to leave at 1:15pm. Well, first of all, the bus didn't even get there until 2:20. Then the bus driver didn't know how to get to the next stop, which was about an hour away. Finally, when he was close to Longview, which is where my son had to transfer to go to Shreveport, the bus driver tried to turn around and actually ditched the bus. He made everyone get off the bus so he could get out of the ditch. After about an hour, and too late for my son to get his connection, he had to stay on that bus, with that bus driver, until getting to Shreveport. The connection there was 6:30pm. They got to the bus station at 7pm. So, because it was 30 minutes too late, my son had to wait, in a bus station, until 4:10am!! 9 hours!! He had to sit there, alone, first trip away from home, in a bus station for 9 hours (and couldn't even find a place to charge his phone or anything so now he's losing his only source of communication too!). He is now about 6 hours away from home, which took him 18 hours to get there.
I am so frustrated with the Greyhound bus line. How could they allow such incompetency in their driver? How could a driver not know his own route?? Not only that, but this guy was a real jerk too. Before my son even got on the bus, the driver was yelling at him and another passenger about to get on the bus ...'don't lay across the aisles. don't be loud. don't disrupt my passengers. (funny, I thought my son was one of his passengers??) no fighting. I'll get you where you need to be (yeah right!!) but you have to abide by my rules. Makes me wonder if he had any rules to follow...nah, didn't think so.
Just for the record, I know they can't run on time all the time but delays like this should not be tolerated!

I am so ticked off right now. Yes, my son is 20 but that's no reason for me not to worry. He's a young man who should be able to travel without all this nonsense. I came to Texas on a Greyhound bus 8 1/2 years ago and swore I would never use them as a mode of transportation again because it was such a horrible experience for me. My son had high hopes that this trip would go smoothly. Shame on Greyhound bus for making this such a hellacious experience for him.
I will never, ever go on Greyhound bus again, nor will I allow my family to do so. Not only that but I will un-recommend them as a mode of transportation.

Right now his arrival time is 5 hours passed the original time (my brother had to take time off of work for the earlier time so now he has to reschedule things too) but I wonder when he will truly arrive. Friday at 2:35pm is the time he was first scheduled to arrive. Friday at 7:35pm is the new time. What time do think he will arrive? Just how inept is Greyhound Bus line?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Feeling a little sad and introspective

I know, it's not the kind of title that may make you want to 'tune in' and see what's going on but today and tomorrow are going to be tough on me. As you may know, I have 4 children. My oldest son, Matthew, is 20 and is leaving for Canada on Wednesday. We are from Canada originally and came to Texas 8 1/2 years ago, when he was 12. He's tried to get a job down here but things aren't going his way so he's decided to try it up in Canada.

My parents and brother live in the same house (duplex) and he will be staying with them. At least he's with family so I don't have to worry about him but I will still miss him terribly.

So, bare with me the next few days while I get my bearings about me. I'll be ok, just might be a tad emotional.

I love you Matt, always will. I hope you find what you're looking for. Remember...I'll always be here for you, no matter what.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time to make a Boo Bag Surprise #DontBeTheDarkHouse

When I applied to be a part of the group one of the questions was 'who do you want to boo'? Well, that makes sense, right? After all, that is a big part of this. I didn't have to think very hard. This person was my leader in a campaign and really helped me feel comfortable with the Social Fabric group and the campaign that we were taking part in. It's funny to say, but even in an email you could hear her smile at you as she was writing it. Even after the campaign concluded she was still there to help me by explaining things and helping me out if I ever needed anything. She still 'Twitter helps' me to this day.

I do know she has a 'bunch' of kids, some hers by birth, some by marriage, so it's a good thing that she's so organized, she has to be. She's also an animal lover, which I am too.

Today I went to the store myself (well, with hubby but we went our separate ways in the store) and took my time walking around and really seeing what I could find. I always take a list with me so I knew what I was after (Snickers (specifically Snickers Fall Harvest), Milky Way, etc). I did pick up some groceries but was mainly after chocolate and fun orange Halloween stuff. I couldn't find the exact Snickers I was after but I still bought some along with some Milky Way, 3 Musketeers and some new Peanut Butter Snickers.

I had a lot of fun putting the bags together with the chocolate and little extras I put in the bags, including stars and tissue paper. I made 5 little bags, just because I thought they were so cute, rather than making 1 bag. I know she has some younger children in her home and I also put something a little extra in one bag. 1 bag is for her furry family. I do know she has a sick dog right now and that can be heart wrenching on anyone. So I put some dog treats in one bag instead of candy.

I had so much with the shop, likely the most fun I've had yet, and I can't wait to get it sent off and for her to get it. It's going out tomorrow (Monday the 17th) so I'll be watching. I hope she likes the surprise. Everyone loves getting surprised, right?

Take a look below at my This Moment story to see my whole shop or click on this link if the embedded post is not working right.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All the photos and opinions are my own. @CollectiveBias

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Abreva $3 coupon

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Texas Rangers are headed to the World Series!!

I am so happy right now!!!

Skil Toolsets for $5 + Free shipping

As I posted in a previous post, Daily Deals from 1 Sale a Day are a great way to start your Christmas shopping. Here is a great starter kit of Skil Multifunction tools. This will be great for my daughter, who is moving out soon. This costs $5 and shipping is free. There is more than one kit to choose from. You can pick any or all of them. I'm getting mine! Just remember, shipping may take a couple of weeks.

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As I've said before, if you find a site you like, sign up for daily emails or email alerts. One of my favorite places for daily deals is 1 Sale a Day. They have about 4 or 5 really great deals a day. I have purchased from them in the past and have been happy with my purchases. 
Today, one of the items is the pretty tennis bracelet. It's on sale for $3 and shipping is free. It might take a couple of weeks to get to you but it's great for starting your Christmas shopping!!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Keebler cookies coupon!

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Healthy Choice coupons

I got an email telling me about these coupons yesterday and was excited. I love these Healthy Choice meals and Cafe Steamers. These often go on sale, especially this time of the year, so I'm going to keep my eyes open, for sure.
There's a hint for you.....subscribe to company/website emails. You will get all kinds of notifications for coupons and sales and such!
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hormel Always Tender $1 coupon

Look what I found on page 10 of the site. I love finding this coupon for actual meat, not a meat byproduct! I'm heading back there right now to print mine off. I didn't use a zip code in the bar, just fyi.

Dove $1.25 coupon

Click here for your $1.25 coupon off of Dove. I have such a Dove stockpile....phew. I love it though, especially the hair care and the body wash. Love it!!

I hate mean

See that face? That's a mean face. I hate mean. I don't understand why people have to be mean? I was reading something online yesterday and it was all mean, someone putting someone else down. Ok, it was done in anonymity so I guess no one was hurt by it but it just spews negativity and that bothers me. No, it wasn't kids or teens, it was by an adult.
Some may call me naive but I've always lived a 'do unto others as you would have others do unto you' kind of life. I'm not saying I have always come out on top because, unfortunately it's the loud obnoxious people that rise to the top. I won't change though.
I live with 4 males (hubby, 20 yr old, 17 yr old and 12 yr old) and they do mean very well, especially at each other. My oldest son loves to watch the celebrity roasts on Comedy Central. I will admit that I have watched a couple with him but they are just mean. Why is it funny to put someone else down? Why is it funny to make someone else feel bad about something they have done in the past? I don't get it.
My daughter (21 yrs old) tells me I'm too nice for my own good sometimes, especially when I offered a helping hand to my husband's sick ex-wife and then found out she still talks trash about me. Oh well. I've lived 43 years like this so I doubt I'll change now.
Take this thought with you today......don't be mean. Smile. It'll make you feel better.

$10 Target gift card from Plum District

How easy is this? I really start stocking up on gift cards this time of year because I want to spend as little as possible when it comes to Christmas shopping. There is a promotion going on at Plum District right now, that when you make a qualifying purchase, you will get a free $10 Target gift card. You must make the purchase by October 16th though, so hurry. Go now to Plum District for more information.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And the Pink Together winner is.....

Thank you to all that entered the Pink Together giveaway. The winner, chosen by, is Diane at Turning Back the Clock.
Thank you to all that entered.
Diane, if you did not receive my email, please leave me a comment so I can get this giveaway package sent to you.