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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween with #MurphyUSA and #Cbias

I love Halloween, who doesn't, right? On Sunday I had to go and get some Halloween candy for the trick or treaters that will come around so I went off to Walmart and to MurphyUSA to get some. The last time I went to Murphy USA I saw Smarties so I wanted to specifically get some of those. My kids love those too, even though they're too old to go trick or treating now. They get the leftovers though.
So, off we went to Walmart to get some groceries and then to Murphy USA to get some candy. I had already got a little bit of candy from Walmart (mostly some chocolate) and when I got to Murphy USA I found the smarties I'd been after. They were only $.50 each so I got a few of those. I got about 10 bags of various candy and then a bunch of M&M's that were also on sale for $.50 a bag. How awesome is that?? To be honest, I got a few extra M&M's peanuts for myself to munch on so I wouldn't get into the Halloween candy.

I had about 10 kids come to my door this year...a record! The last one let me take his picture. He was a ghost and he became a ghost after drowning, that's why he was blue (lol). I don't know how in the world he saw through the sheet so he did not to bump into things but he was fine. Then again, it was still light outside so maybe that's why. We had a few smarties left over and a few tootsie rolls so I was happy. If there was too much left we'd just eat it all....

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Click on the the pumpkin below to see the photos I took on my path to buying all this fun stuff!


  1. We didn't get a single trick or treater this year :( My babies racked up and we still have all of the candy we bought to hand out. Oh this is going to be a long week!

  2. We had a few trick-or-treaters; it was really fun. It's always so fun giving out candy on Halloween.:)