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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Target deals 10/24

Total amount of groceries: $354.20
Total amount of gift cards used: $20 worth
Total amount oop: $23.14
Total amount saved: $331.06
Total savings of 93.5%

Ok, the savings were awesome but I still left totally mad and upset. I had the cashier from hell today. She was, of course, a younger girl/woman. My husband picked her because he thought she looked nice....uh huh! It started off pretty quick when she was about to put through a $3 Chef Michael's dog food coupon. "I can't use this coupon". I asked why and she told me it expired yesterday. Gee, I didn't realize it was already November, as the coupon expires 11/23. Ok, that aside she got a beep for the Rolaids $4/2. It said not to used on trial size, she said it was a trial size, I told her it was not so she called over a 'manager'. Well, I couldn't use that coupon, $1 trial Tide, $1 trial Crest, $1 trial All because 'they have to be the size pictured'. HUH?? I told her it goes by the text, not the picture but nope, she wouldn't take it. Then I had $1.50 Ponds for the trial, $3/2 Arm n Hammer...well they couldn't be used because the coupons were too much for the items. I asked her to adjust them down...nope, "we can't do that". Of course, I didn't have the coupon policy with me.

I left there and told my husband that if this had been my first time to Target I never would have gone back!

I emailed Target when I got home and I did quickly get an email back (I was amazed) apologizing for the treatment, along with a copy of the coupon policy. In the email they even gave me their phone number and told me if I had that problem again not to hesitate to call them, right from the store, with case number to keep track.

Now hubby wants to go back next weekend with 'a bunch of coupons' to see if the same thing happens. He's hoping for it I

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