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Sunday, October 18, 2009

DFWBid Trust me, you'll like it

This is a very cool concept. I found it a few months ago, but to be honest, wanted to keep it to myself. I know, I'm bad. However, with the holidays coming up I figured it was time to share.
DFWbid originated in the Dallas area and it runs auctions for gift cards.

How it works: 
1. Join an auction for 3 credits and all bids are FREE!
2. Bid as many times as you want.
3. Try the ‘Penny Buy’ feature for a chance to purchase an item for 1 penny.
4. Winner is the highest bidder at the end of an auction OR the winner of the ‘Penny Buy’
Bids increase by only 1 penny, ensuring prices remain low and you get a great deal!

You can win the gift cards for a PENNY! 
The ‘Penny Buy' appears for 5 minutes at random times within an auction. The first bidder to answer 2 multiple choice questions correctly wins and can purchase the item for 1 penny
A while back I won a $25 Walmart gift card for about $15. My hubby also won a $50 Visa gift card for $30. Nice savings!
These auctions run from 9am CST to 10pm CST.
5 or 6 auctions are run at one time. These are the current ones up for auction.

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