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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Texas Rangers magic number is now 4

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Last night Derek Holland did exactly what he had to do to help the Texas Rangers win 7-2 over the Oakland A's. I helped too...did too...when Beltre came up to bat and there were 2 on base I said 'I call it' (meaning I was calling for him to hit a home run) and he did. Told you I helped ;)

Tonight my favorite pitcher C.J. Wilson (follow him on twitter) is taking to the mound. He already has 16 wins this year and will go for his 17th tonight. C.J is fun to follow on twitter because he tweets a lot and always has a lot to say. He's fun, plain and simple. We met him one time at a 'meet the player' day at the ballpark and he took the time to take a picture with my son and with my son and daughter. Plain and simple...I love C.J. Wilson!

Go! Rangers! Go!!

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