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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MY Texas Rangers, closing in on the Pennant

Derek Holland

Ok, just so you know, I love MY Texas Rangers. I have not missed a game for the last two years. I've either watched them in person (not nearly enough times this year, for sure) or on tv. Right now the magic number is 5 for them to clench the Pennant for the American League West. The Rangers have to win and/or the Los Angeles Angels have to lose any combination of 5 games for the Rangers to clench.
Derek Holland is the starting pitcher tonight against Oakland and let's just say...well, I love him. He is posing for a picture with my son in the above picture. This picture was taken the same day Derek Holland made his major league debut at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. He was so sweet and because of that, not mention that the guy can sling a ball, he's become a favorite of our family.
Long story short, I'm looking forward to the game tonight and I hope The Rangers can win, cutting that number of games down from 5 to at least 4!
Go! Rangers! Go!!

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