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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five ideas for a Family Fun Vaction

 This year my family is going on a vacation to South Padre Island. It is one month away and we're all very excited. We are driving though, so that a long haul, about a 10 hour drive. We are going to stop along the way to stretch our legs and my 11 year old son came up with some great ideas.

1. Let's stop somewhere along the way we've never been. Great idea! So we looked on Mapquest to see what towns we would be going through and decided to stop in San Antonio and see the Alamo. He picked the place so he's totally psyched!

2. When we are in South Padre Island each child gets to pick 1 restaurant to eat at. That involves them in planning process. They're given an amount we can spend too, so that helps with money planning too.

3. Each child gets to pick one activity. My 11 year old son picked deep sea fishing, my 16 year old son picked parasailing and my 19 year old daughter picked a shopping day...which works out well because we can combine the fishing and the shopping (guys go fishing, girls go shopping).

4. Give each kid 'x' amount of money to spend on whatever they want. It certainly helps with the 'mom, can I have that' syndrome. See how fast they spend that money when they know 'when it's gone, it's gone'.

5. Don't forget the long ride home. Vacationing is great but when you're on your way home, you want to get home. I've already bought a bunch of new Sudoku books, comic books, etc for the ride home. It passes the time.

Most of all, don't forget to have fun. Put the phones down and just have fun!
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