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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CVS Trip on Sunday 5/23

It was another good week at CVS. I so enjoy being able to get things for my family, that are good products that I don't have to pay piles of money for.
This past trip was a trip for the men in my life...hubby, 3 you will see.
My husband, my adult daughter and myself all have individual cards so I will show you each of the transactions. I, most of the time do not do multiple transactions because I often get flustered and make a mistake. If I have to I will, but I try to stay away from it. If you can do many multiples...bless your heart!

Here we go.....
My daughter's transaction...
2 Old Spice bodywash @ $4.00 each
2 Thermacare @ $5.99 each
2 Nivea bodywash for women @ $5.99 each
1 Nivea bodywash for women @ $5.59
1 CVS Hand sanitizer @ $1.19

She used the following coupons:
1 Old Spice BOGO coupon
2 Thermacare printable $3 coupon
1 Nivea BOGO coupon
2 Nivea $4 coupons
Another $2 coupon is on my receipt but I'm not sure what that's from....
$9.99 in ECB's

Total oop: $2.46
Saved: $42.56
Total ECB's: $18.00

Hubby's transaction:
2 Old Spice Bodywash @ $4.00 each
3 Nivea Bodywash for women @ $5.59
There was a cart full of items marked at 90% off so I took a peak and found some awesome items!!
1 Axe Shower Gel @ $.59 (saved $5.40)
1 16ct pack of Colgate Wisps @ $.89 (saved $8.10)
1 Fuji DVD+R 25 ct (not pictured) @ $1.99 (saved $18.00)

He used the following coupons:
3 Nivea $4 coupons
1 Old Spice BOGO coupon
$7.50 in ECB's

Total oop: $5.13
Total saved: $59.98
ECB's earned: $14.00

What I bought:
I didn't have any ECB's left because the last time I went to CVS I used them all for the Craig flip camera I got. I was only going to get the Gillette but, again, there was an awesome sale so I spent a bit more than I expected.
Here's what I bought:
2 Gillette Bodywash @ $4.00 each
1 CVS brand Kiwi Conditioner @ $.99
1 Coke Classic (my daughter was 'dying' of thirst) @ $1.49
1 Axe Bodywash @$.59 (saved $5.40)
2 Oral B Floss Picks @ $.44 each (saved $3.95) favorite buy of the day by the way!!

I used these coupons:
1 Gillette $4/2 coupon
1 CVS hair care coupon $1

Total oop: $7.52
Saved: $21.28
ECB's earned: $8.00

Have I said lately how much I loooooove CVS??

I'm going to post my savings on Keeping Kingdom First CVS $5 Challenge.

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