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Monday, September 21, 2009

Great weekend shopping savings

This weekend Target was THE place to be for me. Now, usually I don't take my kids with me but they (2 of them) wanted to come so I gave in (my daughter is 19 and youngest son 10). I only spent an extra $12 because of their 'needs' but I was still pretty happy.
We ending up getting free dog food, free cat food, nearly free cereal....ahhh, it was lovely.
The totals? $416.31 before coupons and savings. Out of pocket? $30.98, for a savings of $384.99 or 92%.

Then it was off to Kroger. We went there after Target so hubby always sees it as a bit of a let down because he thinks we should be able to save 90% everywhere we go.....I wish!
I now have a freezer full of Hot Pockets, Healthy Choice meals and such, thanks to the Mega Savings event going on at Kroger right now. Starting price was $169.44. Out of pocket was $76.84 for a savings of $92.60 or 55%.

Sunday was Walmart/CVS day and I restored hubby's faith in me (lol). At Wal-Mart I got a bunch of stuff (yes, I promise I will try to remember to take pictures before I put things away next time) including Air Wick air fresheners that were on sale for $5 (which works very well with $4 coupons thankyouverymuch), Healthy Choice Mixers, Glade candles (free coupons) and more.

Starting price was $97.33 before sales and coupons. Out of pocket was $35.84 for a savings of $57.49 or 59%.

You can read about my CVS trip here, where I ended up with nothing out of pocket.

So, my weekend total was:
Amount of product purchased: $810.82
Amount out of pocket: $143.66
Amount saved: $663.22 or 82%
= Not too shabby!

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