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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shopping for Elations at Walmart #healthyjoints

Ok, as a lot of people do, I have problems with my knees. I've never really done anything about it, contributing it to age (42), weight (too much) and whatever else. I was given the opportunity recently, by Collective Bias, to look for a product called Elations at Walmart. It is a drink used for healthier joints. To be honest, I've never even looked for this kind of thing before so I had to go online to the Elations website to see what I was looking for. Now that I know what it looks like I've seen it everywhere.
At Walmart it was on the bottom shelf but at my local grocery store it was on the top shelf in the healthcare aisle (the top shelf is actually my eye level too).
Of course, the first thing I always do is check my coupon binder for coupons. I had some for other products like the Elations but there were none for Elations, which was a bummer.
They were not hard to find at Walmart. It was on the bottom shelf though, which, in my opinion, makes it harder to find things because you never tend to look on the bottom shelf much.
When I brought it home, the Elations packets, I mixed a packet with a 20oz bottle of water. It was very, very sweet so I might try it with a bigger glass or bottle of water next time to dilute it a bit more.
It has Condroiton and Glucosamine in it, which is great for joint health. My mother used to take the pills for her hip before she had hip replacement surgery so this would have been great for her.
I will continue to use it, I think to see if it does help my knee. My son also has problems with his knees so I might see if he wants to try some too.

Click below to see what I saw when I went to Walmart looking for Elations.

I was compensated for my shopping trip by Collective Bias but all the pictures and opinions are completely my own.

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