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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nanny McPhee Returns: My Review


Before I begin my review of Nanny McPhee Returns, let me say a couple of things. This is not a movie I would have ever rented on my own, but was asked to review it by Collective Bias (who compensated me for this review, but the review is solely my own, in my own words). My youngest child is an 11 year old boy so he was not interested in seeing it. I have a 20 year old daughter, 19 and 16 year old sons and a husband who all wanted nothing to do with watching this movie with me. So, fine. Here I was, on Saturday night watching a stupid kids movie, right? Beeeeep...wrong answer. If I had to honestly describe this movie in one word I say DELIGHTFUL!

A mother, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal is out of her mind, nearly, with her kids trying to run a farm on their own after the father is shipped off to war. A father, they have not heard from in quite some time, I think at least 3 months. While Isabel (Gyllenhaal) is trying to work and keep the farm running she has to be on the lookout for her brother in law, who co-owns the property with her husband. He is a gambling man who has gambled away the farm and has to make good on his bet or 'pay the price' to two women sent collect any way they can.
While all this is going on two children, who live in the city, come for a visit to their aunt Isabel's. They are the typical snotty, spoiled, rich city kids who are in for a huge culture shock on the farm, where this is just a lot of poop, pig poop.
Fortunately, in all the chaos a horribly ugly woman named Nanny McPhee (played by Emma Thompson) shows up on the doorstep of the farm. "When you don't want me, but you need me, I will be here. When you want me, but don't need me, I will be gone" is her motto. She says she needs to teach the children 5 lessons. As she teaches these lessons her appearance changes.

  • Lesson #1: To stop fighting - Upper wart disappears.
  • Lesson #2: To share - Lower wart disappears.
  • Lesson #3: To work together - Unibrow disappears
  • Lesson #4: To be brave - Hair goes from gray to brown.
  • Lesson #5: To have faith - Snaggle tooth disappears.

The lessons are taught with flying and synchronized swimming pigs, elephants, bombs and more. My 11 year old son, who was playing Warcraft on the computer, was watching the movie with one eye and by the time the movie was half way done, he was sitting on the couch, next to me, watching it and laughing along with me.
I could go into detail and practically tell you exactly, and I mean exactly what happened because it was such an entertaining movie but you need to go and watch it yourself and be as entertained.

I only have one complaint. The father, who is played by Ewan McGregor did not appear in the movie as much as I wanted. But that's totally me because I looooove Ewan McGregor.

Nanny McPhee was a total surprise to me and also taught me a lesson. I need to try something new every now and then and get a movie that I would never think I would like. I might like it, but then again, if it's as good as this movie I'll take my chances.

I also whrrl'd about my shopping trip, take a look below....

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I was compensated for my review by Collective Bias but the opinions and words are completely my own. #CouchCritics #familymeals #MurphyUSA


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