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Monday, January 10, 2011

#31days Lean Cuisine and Skinny Cow Challenge Vlog 2

How did I do this week? Did I lose any weight? Did I get any exercise in? Watch this to find out.

I am being compensated for my blog post by #leancuisine #theskinnycow and #walmart but the opinions are my own. @leancuisine @theskinnycow @walmart


  1. wooo-hoo!! 3 pounds!! you are doing great!

    ~shelby (

  2. yeah!! I saw a smile at the end! lol
    You are doing great and omg did that sweatshirt bring out your blue eyes!
    I also really liked the roasted turkey dinner. With those apples.. and the stuffing? yum
    No one else in the house really needs to watch their weight... so my Lean Cuisine and Skinny Cow are off limits! lol (except to hubby if he wants them)

  3. You are doing great! Keep up the good work. What’s been the hardest part? Besides keeping everyone out of your skinny cows so you can enjoy them. We do have pizza and ice cream for the kids but I get my own that is off limits.

  4. Good job! Keep up the good work!!:)