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Thursday, November 18, 2010

What brings you comfort and joy?

What brings your comfort and joy? Something pops into my mind so quickly and overwhelmingly I must tell you about it.
Last year, even before what should have been cold and flu season my 11 year old son got sick and almost immediately I got sick too. Here I was, with a high fever, trying to drag my son to the bathtub because he had a high fever that wouldn't break. I had so little energy I could barely sit up nevermind carry my son to the bathroom. All of a sudden, my 20 year old daughter showed up out of nowhere to literally save the day. She came in to see me sitting next to the tub and him crying because he was so cold. "Mom, go lay down, I've got this." So off I went, back to the couch while my daughter give my son the rest of his tepid bath, trying to get his fever to break, which thankfully it did.
She stayed here, with me and her little brother, being Nurse Nightingale, for a solid three days, replacing our Gingerale and boxes of Kleenex, and making us soup. She let me sleep during the night and stayed up until 6:30 in the morning, not sleeping at all in case her little brother woke up because he told her he felt safer knowing she was close. She went to bed when I woke up, but only for a few hours and then woke up in time to make me chicken noodle soup for lunch and take care of us all over again.
It was likely the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. How she never got sick with H1N1 like we did is still a mystery but I'm glad she stayed 'sick free'. I always knew I raised a wonderfully caring daughter, this just proved it.

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