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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fiber One Giveaway. Enter today

If you’re dieting, chances are you’re hungry! You know skipping breakfast or drinking that diet shake just isn’t going to cut it. When diets leave you hungry, you can find yourself off-course and giving into dreaded and seemingly inevitable cravings.

We encourage you to start a discussion with your readers about their worst over-indulgence moments, and how Fiber One® Original cereal can help stop hunger from taking diets off-course.

Fiber helps satisfy your hunger so it’s easier to eat less and lose weight without feeling as hungry.

  • One serving of Fiber One Original cereal provides more than half (57%) of the Daily Value of fiber.
  • Fiber One Original cereal is a tasty way to start your morning on the right track with 0 grams of sugar, 14 grams of fiber, 60 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving.
For more information or additional tips, please visit
Now, for the fun stuff......
 You can enter to win this great gift package from Fiber One cereal and MyBlogSpark. It has a box of cereal, a note pad, a fantastic stainless steel water bottle, a scale to weigh your food on and a very cool bowl that you can carry your cereal in and your milk, keep it cold using a cold ring in the's just very cool! Trust me.
This cereal is not like any other cereal I've ever eaten. I like to eat it as a snack in the afternoon to get me through until dinner time. I usually eat it without milk too and it tastes good like that as a snack. It's also good on yogurt, and yes, I even tried it on a small bowl of vanilla ice cream this past weekend (defeating the purpose a bit huh?) and it added a nice crunch and taste to the already yummy ice cream. Don't be afraid to add it to things you wouldn't normally add it too. My daughter suggested crushing it and using it as a coating for baked chicken. I haven't done that yet but it doesn't sound like a bad idea!

If you would like to enter for a chance to win this there are a few easy ways for you to do so.

1. Leave a comment. Maybe let me know if you have tried this cereal in the past and what you think of it.

2. Subscribe to my daily email updates. Leave a comment letting me know.

3. Follow me on Twitter and leave a 'Tweet'. Come back here and leave a link to it in the comment section.

4. Make a blog post about it and leave a link to it in my comment section.

5. Become a Google follower. Leave a comment letting me know.

I will pick a winner using on Nov 22, so you have until Sunday November 21st 11:59pm CST to enter.

And don't forget to visit this post to a possible free box of Fiber One cereal, or at least a high dollar coupon for one.

General Mills provided me with the products, information, and prize packs through MyBlogSpark


  1. I haven't tried this cereal before.

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  2. I'm a gfc follower.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  3. Never tried it but would love to--looks like a great cereal that's good for you!! :)

    tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

  4. follow via GFC :)

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  5. I go through this cereal so quickly. I use it for breakfast cereal and bread crumbs. Love the taste!