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Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Earth Day, how are you changing?

We do hold the fate of the Earth in our hands, don't we? Ok, that might be a bit melodramatic but it's true. And seeing how today, April 22nd, is Earth Day it got me thinking to myself, 'What have I done this past year to change, to be me Earth friendly?'

I've stopped using plastic bottles for water now have a stainless steel (a number of them actually) bottle for my water.

I have started to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags at the store. I think it's great that most stores offer you an incentive to do so as well. For instance, CVS with its green bag tag and most stores giving you $.05 back on your bill for each bag used. Every little bit helps.

I've taken a lot of the plastic bags I did have to Walmart and to Brookshire's where they have a place to recycle them.

Then this morning, for some reason, making a compost pile jumped into my head. My 10 year old son saw me looking it up online and said 'oh, we just took a test on that in school'. I was surprised, pleasantly, because you don't hear a lot about reduce/reuse/recycle here in Texas. So he proceeded to tell me what I had to do. I'm sure between him and the internet, we can make a pretty 'cool' compost.

Oh yeah, one more thing... I've finally talked my hubby into filling the sink with water and using the plug to keep the water in there instead of having the water run continuously. That may sound like a small feat, but when you have a man who's set in his ways.....

What have you done?

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