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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April, a lesson in frustration

This is how I'm feeling right now. April has been a lesson in frustration, that's for sure. First, the starter went out in my husband's truck. Then a couple days later my son called me on my cell phone to tell me my big bathroom mirror fell off my wall and was in a 'bazillion' pieces on the bathroom floor. Hmm, what else? My washing machine broke (the agitator won't work on it), the hot water knob came off in my shower spewing hot water everywhere (not to mention that that happened hours after my husband left for a 3 day business trip), my husband and I have both had bouts with the flu that lasted at least a week, and now last night our bedroom died. Well, it didn't die but the picture is gone in it, and it's only a few years old too.
I'm starting to feel like we're being tested to see just how much we can handle. Enough is enough! Please, we're good now. Don't need to be tested anymore. It's fine. I get it.
Did we pass the test? Please, no more tests...............

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