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Monday, August 15, 2011

Shop for free at CVS thanks to ExpoTV

On my trip to CVS yesterday, I used a stack of $5 CVS gift cards to pay for my merchandise. The cashier (a new cashier...the only reason she was surprised to see me with the gift cards) asked me where I got all them all. So I explained to her that I belonged to a site called where I made video reviews of every day things, mostly beauty items, and earned points. These points accumulate quite quickly and when I get enough points I redeem my rewards for CVS gift cards. There are a lot of other options (like but I love the CVS option.
Then I realized it had been a very long since blogging about this great site so I thought it was time. Time for you to be able to cash in on this too. ExpoTV is likely one of my favorite sites out there for earning rewards that you can actually use.
Click here for more information. Sign up, it's free and sooo easy!!

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