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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tron Legacy review for #couchcritics

I did not see the first Tron movie that came out in the 80's so I wasn't sure if I would 'get' this one but as far as I can tell, one really doesn't much to do with the other. You can follow this one and never wonder about what happened in the first movie.

Tron Legacy stars Jeff Bridges, who reprises his role as Kevin Flynn, a software engineer, who disappeared 20 years ago. Garrett Hedlund plays his son, Sam, who always wondered what happened to him. Olivia Wilde stars as Quorra, who is in the same digital world as Kevin.
At the core, this is a family "I love you" kind of movie where the father and son grow to know and love and trust each other when Sam finds himself being portalled into the world where his father disappeared to. Together they must find a way to get back to the real world, but are kept from getting there by Kevin's clone, who wants to go to the real world himself.
The movie is dark with a lot of neon lights (would be great on a big screen) so it's pretty cool to watch. The action sequences are much louder than the other parts so it demands your attention, which is worthwhile. The graphics are amazing, especially when you learn (or eventually realize) that the younger version of Jeff Bridges character is actually computer animated. I wouldn't have noticed it as much if I didn't notice the way the mouth moved, just like a lot of the characters in my sons' video games.
It was a long movie, clocking in at nearly 2 hours. I must admit though, that it did hold my attention the whole time. 
As far as the remainder of story line goes, remember that when you create a clone to do things for you, it never turns out like you think it will. And another thing I took from it...don't ever take a sunrise for granted.

Did I enjoy the movie? Hmm, well, I didn't not like it, if that makes any sense, but I didn't love it either. My 19 and 11 year old sons watched it with me and they felt the same. I do know that if you've seen the first one and liked it, you will certainly like the second one. Before buying it though, I would rent it for $1 at Redbox first, just in case.

I was compensated for this review by Collective Bias but the words and opinions are completely my own. #couchcritics #gluenglitter


  1. Thanks for the honest review Lisa. I'm thinking that the ONLY way to see this would be in 3D. It was probably made to be visual on a big screen. I hate it when I watch a movie and have that...didn't like it/didn't hate it thing...

  2. I don’t understand what the transport is that they are riding to the portal. It’s amazing how the real world is meeting with science fiction in my lifetime. The writers use that analogy in Thor when justifying the existence of beings like Thor. I believe Alvin Toffler defined this as “Future Shock.” The conversation between Sam and Kevin reminded me of this book considering how far man has come in developing technology. I watched it in HD 1080p, the same as Blu-ray with my DISH Network HD receiver on VOD. I love how the picture looks on my 82” TV because anything less than HD is not worth it; plus I get my HD free for life as a qualifying customer with a top package. Sweet!