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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My local Brookshire's is now doubling, tripling coupons!

I was out and about, doing my shopping today and came across a wonderful thing......

"Brookshire's now triples coupons up to $.39 and doubles coupons up to $.50." To 'normal' people that may not mean much but for me, living in a area that NO stores double and triple coupons, I was thrilled. I live close to one Brookshire's that does not do that, but in a town nearby that has the CVS and Walmart go to, the Brookshire's there is the new wonderful Brookshire's. In my opinion, if one store does it they should all do it...but I digress.

Anyway, just a small shout out and thank you to Brookshire's in Canton, Texas for making my day!!

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  1. I love seeing the name Brookshires! I'm from Lufkin but have been away for years lost in the Midwest!check out my blog I look forward to reading all about East Texas on your blog!