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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saving at CVS on a Sunday afternoon

I had an eventful evening at CVS tonight, which I don't normally have. There was a teenaged girl who knew next to nothing about coupons. My husband and I each make a transaction. She did my husbands (on the left) and all was fine. Then she did mine. When she did mine she realized she put in the wrong amount for the Bayer Glucose Monitor on my husband's bill. She put in $30 as the value of the coupon instead of $15 like she was supposed to. (I wondered why it was so low, but I thought I had just miscalculated on my end). Well, when mine was done, the new 'manager' (? I think manager) told her we'd have to totally redo my husband's transaction to put in the right coupon amounts. I had no problem with that, although my hubby wasn't about it. After a few minutes of trying she realized she couldn't do it and told me it was fine and told the girl to be more careful of coupons. I offered to pay the difference but they told me it was fine. I just hope it doesn't come out of the girl's check.
Then....I get to the car and look at my bill to see that I did not get the $10 ECB's for the $20 Nyquil/Dayquil I purchased so I went back in. The other cashier, also a (late) teenager, tried to argue with me, telling me I shouldn't get it because of the mishap with the coupon. I told her #1, that was with my husband's transaction, not mine. #2 No matter what happened with the coupons I should still get my ECB's for purchasing certain items. She rolled her eyes at me and printed me $10 ECB's.
On a side note: I never usually have problems with cashiers at CVS, only these 2 in particular. I will go on Sunday mornings from now on the avoid this mess! is my purchase and my hubby's purchase tonight.

 On the left, hubby bought, 2 Soft Soap, 3 Listerine, 1 Bayer Blood Glucose Meter, 2 Pert Plus and 2 Olay Quench.
Used the coupons:
$1/1 Pert Plus x2
$2/1 Listerine x3
$30 Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter (even though it should have been $14.99)
$2 CVS Soft Soap + Buy pump get base free
$3 off Olay Quench + Buy 1 Olay Quench, get 1 free
$6.99 ECB's used

OOP: $1.14
Saved $133.37
$12 ECB's acquired

On the right, my purchase:
Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter, 3 Glade Oil Candle Holders, 3 Glade Candle Refills, 2 Nyquil, 2 Dayquil
Used Coupons:
$14.99 Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter
$2 Glade Fragrance Collection
Buy 1 Candle Holder, get refill free x3
$1.50/1 Nyquil or Dayquil x3
$1/1 Nyquil or Dayquil
$10, $6.99 ECB's used

OOP: $4.16
Saved $122.99
$13 ECB's acquired

I didn't get the right amount of Glade that I meant to so hopefully I can get back this week to buy 6 more Glade @ $2.50 each (minus coupons of course) for the other $6 I want.


  1. Wowee, this is an awesome week at CVS, I love it! Thanks, Lisa, for participating!

  2. Wow - I didn't know cashiers could print ECBs on command. I better be nicer to mine. :-P