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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Such a Sweet Phenomena

I belong to a an online community called Collective Bias where I have met a lot of wonderful people, including the person I'm talking about today. Her name is Tiffany Manley and she is a homeschooling mom with a lot of talents.
Tiffany and her family currently live near Birmingham Alabama after living in Washington state for about 7 years. She has been married for 10 years and has a beautiful daughter she refers to as Babydoll.
She has named her online persona 'Sweet Phenomena' and I can see why. She is sweet. She stumbled into homeschooling because they moved so much when her daughter was going into the second grade and they were having a 'flux' year with moving and getting situated. She struggled the first year but this year she seems to have it figured it all out. Her website has a lot of homeschooling tips and is a place to go for a lot of homeschooling information. It's very organized.
Of course, like everyone else on the planet (well, almost the whole planet) Tiffany has a personal facebook page and one for Sweet Phenomena as well so there are many ways to keep up with her.

I do have to admit, while looking around there is something else I found that totally mesmerized me. She's also an extremely talented cake maker/designer. Take a look at her website called The Sweet Emporium. Just take a look at this cake, isn't it gorgeous??? This is one of many on that website. There are so many beautiful cakes. I'm amazed at the creative talent. Heck, I can't even decorate a cupcake to look pretty, nevermind a 3 tiered cake like this!

 I found this picture on Tiffany's Facebok page and just thought it was so pretty. Simple and sweet.
I've enjoyed getting to know Tiffany a bit better and I hope you will take some time to get to know her a bit more too. Certainly if you homeschool your child, her site is a perfect place to go for all kinds of information.

Merry Christmas to Tiffany and her family, and to you too.


  1. It was great meeting Tiffany. I'm so happy to find out that she has a lot of homeschooling tips. She's also very talented. Her cake is beautiful. I'm sure she has more gorgeous baked goods. Can't wait to check out her blog. thanks for sharing. I'll have another blogger friend to follow. Woohoo! :-)

  2. Wow Tiffany, what beautiful cakes you make--what a great way to get to know you!

  3. Aw Lisa, thanks!! I always forget about The Sweet Emporium now; it's nice to look back. :) You have a great weekend!