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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Have the 2nd Talk with Poise #PoiseFab5

Do these items looks familiar to you? They didn't to me either until I went to the Walmart website one day and saw up in the corner a link for Poise and the 2nd Talk. What the heck was the 2nd Talk? Hang on to your seats, or rather your fans, it was about menopause. Yes, the nasty M word that my husband finds funny to taunt me with whenever I'm hot I'm taking off clothes and everyone else is putting a sweater on. I HATE hot flashes. Absolutely H.A.T.E. them and finding something that might help me with that could possibly make a big difference in my life. Yes, that might sound melodramatic, but it's true. I don't get flashes, I get hot hours....ugh!
I'm not the only one that has issues with hot flashes and other signs of menopause. I have a friend who, unfortunately couldn't find the time to come over this week to chat with me about this but I cornered her at her work and we chatted for a little bit. She too has a hot flash problem so I gave her the Roll-On Cooling Gel and she called me the next day to say it was awesome. She's going to go to Walmart to pick up some wipes too.

I called my mother, who went through menopause late in life because she had a hysterectomy close to 20 years ago and was put on hormone replacement therapy. She was just taken off of them a couple of years ago and her hot flashes were so bad that she would break out in a sweat, a dripping sweat. I called to tell her about these items and she immediately went to Walmart to find them. She couldn't find all of the items but she found the towelettes and the roll on and, let me tell you, is spreading the word like crazy.
September was menopause awareness month and I learned a lot from the Poise website with the 2nd talk information on it. Please do yourself a favor and take a look too.

So, when I went to Walmart I was able to use the coupon I found on the Walmart website when I looked at videos about the ladies pictured above.

I was able to buy four of the five items I was looking for after going to Walmart about 10 times, but it was worth it. If you want to look at my shopping trips just click here to see it.

Out of the five of these items, the Body Cooling Towelettes was definitely the winner, by a long shot.
I was able to talk to my husband, who was interested about this subject, believe it or not, and he was able to understand what I'm going through a bit more, which was nice.

There are a number of places you can get more information too. Take a look at the following places....

Of course there was a coupon in the September issue of All You magazine but I forgot about it. I read on the Poise site that forgetfulness is a symptom of menopause. Thank goodness. I honestly thought I was going crazy!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  This shop has been compensated as a part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and Poise. #CBias #SocialFabric #PoiseFab5. All the opinions are completely my own.

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  1. I can't help but laugh at 'hot hours'! That sounds miserable.